About Me

Hi I am Jayashree and I am the author of the blog Foodie In Me. A Six Sigma and Lean professional with over 13 years of work experience with American Express, Tata Business Solutions, UBS in Business Re-engineering, Business Transitions, and Operations. I am passionate about life and love it to the core. I live life queen size and have no regrets or qualms about my choices in life.  The simplest and smallest things make me happy the most. I suffer from OCD for cleanliness and am know for my honest and blunt responses. Yes it does land me into trouble but that's what makes me, ME :-D. I am grateful and thankful for everything that I have. I am blessed.
My world revolves around my 9 year old son, my family and friends. They have kept me grounded and give me the strength to excel in everything thing I do.

About the blog:

Foodie In Me is my journey into food. After taking a sabatical from the coprorate life, I decided to take a plunge into what I am most passionate about, cooking and baking. Cooking and baking helps me to unwind and really get in touch with who I really am.

As a mother of 9 year old, I am constantly coming up with innovative dishes. My blog is not a proclaimer of healthy food, though ofcourse I do blog them as well. I try out different types of cuisine that interests me. I believe in spending very less time in the kitchen and you will find my recipes easy and simple. Even the complex of recipes are broken down into simple steps using do-it-ahead-of-time tips and tricks. My blog is aimed at readers who are starting off into the world of cooking and baking. If you are a hostelite, bachelor or newly married, or a working professional who wants to spend very less time in the kitchen, you will find recipes from my blog simple, fuss free and easy to follow. All recipes are categorized as "Recipes" on the blog.
This blog has evolved over the last 8 years. My journey into photograpy started only once I started blogging. I have grown up seeing pictures from other bloggers and photographers. I particularly love shooting flowers, food and still objects. However a contrast of that is candid photography, which I am pursuing currently.

Once in a while, I do blog about non food related stuff and they are normally categorized as "Blah Blah"

Occasionally I review restaurants, food, food related books, and food related products. Those posts are categorized as "By Invitation"

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me on:

1.) Writing assignments on food, recipes, lifestyle and travel for newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.
2.) Recipe development for food related products.
3.) Food & Restaurant photography for new menu launches, catalogues, cookbooks, magazines, etc.
4.) Candid photography for any occasion.

Please note that researching, writing and developing recipes and photographic assignments takes a lot of time, effort and skill and all of this does not come free. If you would like to work with me, please be prepared that I may refuse if I am offered work in exchange for product samples, blog links or my name being published.
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