What is Anger?

Have you noticed, what happens to you when you are angry? Something in you shrinks and you become so closed. And when you are happy something in you expands. The more joyful your are the more you expands.What is this something that expands and contracts? It is the mind that is expanding and contracting. When we are angry the mind contracts and we get limited to ourselves. And when we are happy we expand and our mind becomes broader. 

There is nobody in this world who have not experienced anger. Anger is a natural phenomenon occurring throughout our daily routine for one or the other reason. Anger is not an external thing that can be thrown out of the mind. Anger is something which is present in every living being. It is a state of mind when one goes away from the very own self. It is not our nature to be angry. We are full of love and joy. So, when one walks away from the very own self, then anger arises.We cannot predict or control our words and feelings whenever we are angry. 
We usually get angry for the small and little things that we go through each day. Mind is like a pendulum. It always swings between thoughts that make us miserable. So we should realize this fact and manage not to stuck in a place. Move on. Life is like a jungle. It has thorns, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and many other things. Even though a thorn pains us for a while, just pick away the thorn and roll on, Life is still moving and get the taste of the fruits and the seeds along the way. Have a holistic approach. Be simple and relax. 

Now, don't think that being angry is something wrong and you are committing a great mistake. No. See in the ancient scriptures there are saints who curse and get angry on the drop of a hat. So, even the enlightened saints used to get angry at things. So by getting angry it is not like we are committing a sin. Only thing is understand the consciousness and the state of mind at that particular time. Dont allow the anger to gulp you as a whole. Love of an ignorant person does harm and anger of a saint always do good. 

Anger mainly arises due to the perfectionist state of mind. We want everything to be perfect. Leave some room in your mind for the imperfections. The world is much greater and just adjust our mind and give space for the imperfections. We ourselves are not perfect, then how can we demand the world to be perfect? By knowledge, wisdom and meditation the anger can be overcome. Life becomes much more simpler and lighter by practicing meditation regularly, and through proper knowledge, wisdom arises. 

In Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna says to Arjun," Arjun, fight but not with anger or hatred". In Bible it is written," A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control". Quran says," Whatever is begun in anger, ends in regret". 
Dont blame yourself saying " Iam getting angry" all the way. Just go on. Nothing is gained all of a sudden.It takes time to create a habit. So, just move on, gradually and naturally anger can be brought under control. As it says " Make your smiles cheaper and anger costlier. Expand more and love for all beings emerges naturally.

( Pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy-Ph.D)

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