Announcing Blogging Marathon #2 - Soups & Salads Event

In September I challenged myself to blog one recipe a day, and my Blogging Marathon #1 was a success. Now, here I am, with my next event. As the name says, this event is for all kinds of Soups and Salads that you can think of.

I realized that I have very less variety of soups and salads in my recipe collection. What better way than to conduct an event, and get a host of ideas in Soups and Salads. I intend to try out a lot of them during this event.

While discussing this event with my dear friend and an outstanding blogger, Arundati from  Escapades, we decided why not co-host this event. So here we are :-)

For the whole month of November, we will be blogging a recipe, tips and tricks or ideas around the theme of Soups and Salads.

If you would like to join us in this marathon for the entire month it would be awesome!

If you cannot do the entire marathon, and would like to send in a recipe, just jump in! Here are the details:

  • From November 1st to November 30th, 2013, post any dish that can be classified as Soups or Salads, on your blog
  • The dish can be sweet or savoury, Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian
  • Link back to this announcement and to Arundati's announcement
  • Send in your entries to with subject as Soups and Salads Event

  • Do use the event logo in the post
  • All the updates will be on our respective FB pages as well, so like us to stay connected! Foodie In Me and Escapades
  • Multiple entries are encouraged  (:))  And it would be fine if you want to link up your past posts to this event. Just make sure you update your post with this announcement post link, mention the hosts, and add the logo.

          Email Format:
            Subject: Soups and Salads Event
                Post URL
                  Recipe Name
                    Picture of your dish (High resolution picture. Try and send 2 pictures).

                      Last date to send in your entries will be November 30th, 2013.
                        Last but not the least, have fun participating in this event :-)

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