Who Inspires Me?

Ok, this write up is going to have a lot of I's and me's, something I so so detest. I don't like using the letter "I" and would rather replace it with "we" everywhere possible. But sometimes the rantings are about myself and what I feel, so bear with me on this one.

Came across this wonderful write up where people spoke about what their sources of inspiration. Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently said "Personally, I'm inspired by people who overcome bad fortune or circumstance to fulfill their dreams. Professionally, I'm inspired by people and businesses that do incredible things despite glaring flaws or environmental disadvantages. I like flawed people and underdogs. They can't just work hard to overcome their obstacles, they have to work hard and smart. And that leads to amazing things."

I sat right there on the chair, thinking. Speechless. Numb. I was so so impressed by what he said. He hit the nail right on the head.

As I look back at my life, the people who have been underdogs, who have had very difficult times early on, have always intrigued me. I have always been attracted to such people (please don't read too much into that :-) ) and always wanted to know how did they make it to the top. Now to each their on, making it to the top or being successful is defined differently by everyone. I have never looked at it as "money + fame = success". I see it as "how many times you have fallen + how you fought back + changed your life = success".

Heard this somewhere, if there is no struggle in life, there is no story to tell. How true. Talk to any underdog-turned-successful person, you will see the passion with which they tell their stories of rejection, dejection, poverty, hardships, failures. They speak with passion because they want to tell the world that its ok to be an underdog but what matters is how you overcome those challenges. The mindset of such people is so strong. I get so attracted to someone with a strong and positive mindset. They don't work on a superficial level of ego. They work on a deeper level gut feeling and intuition. They work on the principle of work hard but work smart. Smartness becomes an acquired skill and not an inherent skill.

I am inspired by people who are always raising the bar higher for themselves. Continuously trying to work on improving themselves to be a better person than what they were. They compete with themselves and no one else. They are always open to feedback and look at every situation, however tough it might be, as an opportunity to learn and grow. I like people who don't have any hang ups in life. I like people who are constantly taking risks with a let-me-give-it-my-best-shot attitude.

I have a lot of flaws and I am proud of all of them. It give me an opportunity to work on myself. I like flawed people. They are the best source of learning for me. Seeing them deal with their flawness, gives me immense strenght. It gives me an opportunity to put myself in their shoes and see how bad I could look. I draw inspiration to change myself to a better human being.

I like people who are fearless. Daring. Raring to go. Always on the move. Not the one's who go in for cheap thrills. But the real people. Who stand right there and look at a problem on the face and say "bring it on". People who don't procrastinate that their life or situation will change someday, but who get up and make that change happen for themselves with their own actions and thoughts.

If I try to draw an analogy here, a person who is different always catches your attention. And you know they are different. These people have a certain attractiveness around their personality. The way they carry themselves, the way they talk, their clarity of thoughts, it all makes you wonder in awe about them. Most certainly at somepoint, such a person would have been an underdog or a victim of circumstances. They always stand out in the crowd. Why? How? I don't know. The underdog has this certain charisma around him. The fallen, beaten up, has a certain chemistry to him. He has this pure vulnerability to him which no one can see, yet its starkingly there. There is a certain innocence, yet the manipulativiness that they carry. What therefore catches our eye, I think, is this vulnerability and innocence along with humbleness and a strong mindset.  

Every person whom I have met in my life has inspired me. Every single person had a story to tell. I am thankful to all of them for inspiring me to be a better person everyday.

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