Blogging Marathon - 30 Day Challenge

Yes you read it right! I have decided to blog everyday for the next 30 days!!! It was an impulsive decision I took 2 days ago, to put myself through this challenge. My blog has been completely neglected with all the other things taking priority in my life. I have so many pictures of food taken but never really got down to blogging them. And even if I did, it remained in my drafts folder.

So I thought, the best way to get all the older posts out and also try out some new cuisine everyday would be a good place to start. Followed by this, I decided to put that as a challenge to myself so that I am disciplined and focused towards my blogging.

I am calling this Blogging Marathon - 30 day Challenge where I would be posting 1 recipe everyday for the entire month.

I am super kicked about this...and All the Best to me.....yayyyyyyy :-)

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