One Woman and The General Public

In the past 4 days, the nation has been terribly shaken. I see outcries in FB,  twitter, BB, etc. Its valid and absolutely needed. If not today, then when?? We are hearing a lot of versions on how to punish the rapists hang them, castrate them in public without anaesthesia, life sentence, and so on. I don't disagree that the gravest punishment should be awarded. But then will this help?? Seriously, is this the solution or justice that will be given to a woman who lost her soul?? Once they die and this case is closed and this story is over, what next? Another rape, another victim, some criminals, again a public outcry. The story goes on.

I have a point to make. When the general public can be so intelligent and smart and demand justice, I want to ask, where were the same general public when the girl was lying on the road, naked, bleeding, with an iron rod in her vagina??? Nobody came forward to help her!!!! She was emotionally devastated and too weak but onlookers (general public) just kept staring and were too scared to take the first step!!! Nobody dared at that moment to rush her to the hospital. Every second wasted was accountable for the girls' life. If she lives, I wonder what her life will be. Maybe everyday she will shudder at the thought of stepping out of home. Maybe she wont trust anybody, man or woman, ever again. Maybe.

We are talking about bringing in cultural changes, how mothers' should teach their sons' to respect woman, how men should treat woman, mothers, sisters, wives at home, etc. Don't we do that already?? Which mother teaches her son to go rape another woman and put an iron rod in her vagina??

Today, we as general public just know how to change our display pictures on FB to a black dot, or get on to the streets to protest or sit outside the CM's office to demand justice. At the scene of crime, we just freeze and become onlookers, thinking why should I take the trouble of being the first to report a crime. We shout at the police and make allegations that they don't register the FIR when a woman goes with a complaint. Have we seen how the police constables live their life at a mere salary of 6k  per month?? What motivation will he have to save a crime from happening??

We want some bills to be passed, some rules to be changed, implemented, etc. A simple question to ask here. Do we know our basic constitutional rights?? Nowhere in our education system are we taught about the constitutional rights of the people of India. I remember in school I had a subject called "civics" which taught me about how many seats does Lok Sabha have, how does the Indian parliament look from inside, and all that bullshit. What do I care? Atleast in colleges when we are 18 and above, we should have a subject which talks about rights of an Indian citizen. It doesn't matter which stream you are studying in, at the end of the day, you live in India and need to know your constitutional rights. We, the general public, need to be aware of our constitutional rights. We claim to be literates having a white collared job, but we don't know our basic rights. Let us learn them first.

Raising your voice for something which is wrong is correct. But expecting that my raised voice will bring in the change is incorrect. Let us first be humans and learn to help another fellow human being in pain. Let us have moral values and learn to respect each other first rather than protesting on the streets. Let us not play a blame game here. Men and women are equal. Period. Let us not bring politics into this and play a divide and rule game here. We are all a part of the same society and the onlookers at the rape scene were a combination of men and women, who didn't bother to help the girl for almost an hour!!! Let us be that change that we want to see, first!!!

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