2012 - Another New Begining

The old year went by in a jiffy. The New Year is already here. If I look back, I think 2011 was a good year, both personally and professionally. I have overcome many fears, inhibitions, sadness, anger, and reached a state of calmness. I traveled a lot and made many new friends. I learnt how to believe in friendship and how to believe in the power of love. I met some very interesting people who taught me how to trust another human being once again.

On the professional front, I broke all records. I'm proud of myself, because though I didn't know I had so much potential, I knew I could push myself to achieve more. I did what I believed was the right thing to do. It did pay off!!! All in all a fantastic year!

For 2012, professionally, I have set higher goals for myself and personally some desires...

Here's wishing everyone a fantastic year ahead. More power to all you wonderful girls out there...

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  1. Heya girl!!

    I loved reading this post!! Im so glad this year has been a year of achievements!! :)

    Your post gave me a lot of strength...something that I terribly needed... :)

    thank you for your beautiful presence...

    and btw i am back to blogging with vengeance... so cya around??!! :)



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