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Have you ever looked back at your life and seen who are the people you are in touch with? Do you realize that there some people with whom you are still in touch, irrespective of where you are and how busy your life is. These people could be friends, colleagues, pen-friends, acquaintances, neighbors, walking friends, gym friends, anybody...but somehow you have always been in touch with each other. And then there are some people who at some point in your life were very significant, like your best friend, and for whatever reason, today you are not in touch. Have you ever wondered why? A relationship which, at one point, was very important to you, is now so insignificant. Isn't this strange? How does this happen? Why does it happen?

Imagine, if you were in touch with all those people you've met in your life, how would life be? How would it be if you were to wish every single person on their birthday, anniversary, etc. Send your new number to every single person, or imagine this, if every single person were to wish you on your birthday! Very hectic and stressful, I'm sure!

As I think more on this, I believe, this is the law of nature. Like every season comes and goes, so do people come and go in your life. Like the trees shed their leaves with the changing seasons, same way people change their preferences. Situations change people. You are no longer the person you once upon a time used to be. And this may lead you to let go of certain people or relationships because you are unable to keep up with them. Its a conscious decision sometimes, and sometimes unknowingly.

But what you are left with at the end are a handful people who remain in your life. Why are these people still in your life? Are they now your best friends with whom you share every little detail of your life? Maybe not. But still, somehow you are concerned to know how they are and still make that effort to dig out their contacts to keep in touch. Why? Why are they not-so-important, yet so important to you?

Maybe thats the way life is. You probably only remember those who made an impact in your life, from whom you've learnt something significant, in whom you've found the most comfort, or probably you bonded at some level. The moments spent with that person and the memories of those days are something that we all get attached to and always want to cherish. Hence we keep going back to those memories because they give us comfort and strength to move ahead in life. Every time you take a step forward, you want to be reassured that you have someone to fall back. And hence you look back once in a while.

Its a dual effort though. Its equally important how the other person feels about you. And sometimes, when there is a mis-match, either you get eliminated from their lives, or they get eliminated from yours. And what remains, is a handful of people who have made a difference.

People who are really meant to be in your life, will remain, come what may. Rest will automatically get flushed out!!!

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  1. beautiful thoughts ... been thinking along the same lines of late.. and was wondering at all the relationships and friendships I have and the importance of it all.. very thought provoking...

  2. and in the process of eliminating or having certain people in our lives one goes through a gamut of emotions sadness,anger,dismay,happiness,love.

    who remains in the end , one hopes, are the ones meant to be.


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