Path To Success

He was lost and searching for a path
And one fine day she came around
He was inspired and drew courage and strength from her
To face the world and fight the battles

Together they went in search of success
She told him what was right and what was wrong
She showed him the future which she saw
She taught him all that she knew

Then he saw the first light of success
And then many more followed soon
He shot to fame and saw money and glamour
He met people and made new friends
He saw a new path which she couldn’t
Because she was still seeing the old path that they followed

The new path seemed enticing
Because that is where he saw his future
And thought he had achieved what he had set out for
He thought he was destined to be amongst the glitz and the glamour

The old path became less important
Because it was boring and not exciting anymore
Now he didn’t want the old path
He probably didn’t want that path ever
But he compromised to reach where he is today

She felt she gave it her all
But he thought he was suffocating all this while
She said her intention was his success
He said she was opinionated

He left one day
Taking the knowledge, strength, and courage she gave him
He lost his focus in the glamour world
She gave up after several tries

Now they are on their chosen paths
She is happy where she is
She knows what her real ground is
For she always did the right thing
So there is nothing for her to fear
Because with knowledge, strength and courage with her
She can build an empire at her wish

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  1. gloomy but in the end she made up for it!

  2. @Vyankatesh: Thanks for stopping by. Its a true story!
    @STP: If I may call you that :) She is a strong woman!

  3. hugz

    life isnt fair...... but the important part is to rise from the ashes..


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