Change Management

"Change is the only constant thing in this world"

I see change everywhere, 
Within me, Around me, Outside me.
Everybody is changing, 
Everything is changing,
Values of relationship are not the same, 
Meaning of friendship has changed too,
What we meant to each other earlier,
Doesn't hold true now,

Yet, is it that difficult to hold on?
Or is it that preferences "must" change?
Cause' for me, I'd prefer to be where I was
And to be who I was
That's my comfort zone,
Contrary to what life wants, you say?

Well the love, care, smile I share
Makes me special, makes me bold
Must make a choice here
To let go of it or hold on to them
Because values makes me who I am
And if I change them, I'd lose myself

So here I will stand, 
With my values straight and tall,
Will go on in life with my values intact
But will also accept life in all its shape and size! 

Those were a few thoughts coming right off my head as I write this post on change.

I think I'm on a very steep learning curve which is a combination of constantly learning new things and unlearning a few old ones. This transition is tough and in a sense causes a lot of emotional turmoil within me. I see so much change around me. Its like I've suddenly become aware of my surroundings and my brain cells are attracting all the information. Like a rewritable disc, the old information is getting replaced with newer versions. I'm sure things were constantly changing around me, but its just now that I'm really seeing the impact.

I'm shifting to a new house. I'm stressed. I'm anxious. But I know I'm capable of handling a lot more than just the stress of shifting homes.

As they say, everything happens for the better, so this change too, will make me stronger & bolder.

Will log back in from my new house...see ya soon!!!

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  1. I think change never means changing yourself, but change the way you behave or react in a particular situation.. nice poem :)

  2. Thanks for taking time and stopping by Hemal :)

  3. The only thing that is permanent is change...way of life......

  4. Good thought and very true as well. I also believe change is necessary and for betterment. Nicely written peom. Keep it up !!

    Apurva Solanki


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