What is love?

Love is in the air...Its the season of love, and spreading love, and everybody in Bollywood is on a patch-up mode. Koffee with Karan endorses that along with the awards seasons where everyone seems to be hugging and pecking on cheeks. Do they mean it really? Well lets just say Bollywood is making an attempt to put all animosities behind and making some smart moves (read quickly encashing friendships with the No.1's). As for us, we are happy with the juicy stuff we get to hear, read and see. I wish we could all be like that in real life..The other day, my FIL refused to go to some function in a relatives house..reason being that relative didn't turn up when there was a function in our house..I was like why do we get into all these issues? Where is the issue anyways? We don't go to so many functions because of time constraints and if were to go by the best traffic standards Bangalore boasts off, then we would reach a function only if we left 2-3 hours prior to the event! Who has the time to deal with such pressures? Don't we have enough at work already??

Coming back to love..(I did digress from what I wanted to say na :)) what is love really? Do I believe in love? Yes and no. I always believed in the fairy tales, how I wished a man would come in a dark horse and sway me off my feet and take me saat samundar paar..but that can happen only in Bollywood. The "perfect guy" list was made umpteen number of times in my life, only to realize much later, there existed none! Not to disown the fact that some were pretty
close to the list, but again the list was more or less incomplete.

Why do you need love anyways? Why do you need that mushy stuff, the coochi-cooing? I mean all that is really melodramatic, and it takes away from you the reality....remember the incomplete list?

So coming back to what is love? Not that I really know, but I think with the experience I've had in my life I can reasonably summarize. Love is about giving your all to that one person. Prioritizing that one person. Everything revolves around that one person. Taking all decisions keeping that person in mind. Caring for just that one person the most, even if it means neglecting the whole world (you'll pay for it later, remember :)). Basically, setting yourself up for doom!!! Hahahaha.....

Honestly, if you can live with that one person with "peace of mind" and retain a "piece of mind", then its worth it! For all those, who have not had either of the two, do not lose hope, you will find love...like our own Bollywood...mere Karan Arjun aayenge....

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  1. Love is hmmmmmmmmmm omg........where to begin and where to end. Love is purity........Love is bliss.........Love is amazing.........Love is overflowing if it is selfless.......it just knows how to give.......Love is when the other person's peace matters more that ur piece urrr I mean peace of mind....Love is togetherness.....Love is bonding.......Love is understanding....Love is caring........Love is sharing......Love is blind.......Love is the most powerful thing on earth.......Love is filling each other's cups rather than emtying our cups.....Love is the best thing that can happen to anybody or everybody......Love has its own world .....Love is simply the best emotion a mankind can ever express........and if ur loved ur lucky and if u love......u are more lucky.....Love comes once in life and the rest is life life and life.........ahem!!!

  2. wow we share a lot commonalities... our thoughts on love is a lot similiar.. so is the fact tht we choose to write on love...and the third one being ..we are both from bangalore! :)

  3. @Geeta Akka: I agree with you compeletely :)
    @Phoenix: Yes I know :) Some more commonalities, you are from Kolkata, so am I, you are from Loreto & I'm from AG Church :))))

  4. omg!!! :) look girl u r freaking me out...like really!! i posted a story today too.. a part of the story line kinda linked to urs in a way... god.. did our soul get swapped??! :D


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