Over And Out: Men Will Be Men

"Can I get you a drink" asked a voice. She turned around to see who it was. It was Him, tall, dark and quite handsome. He was 45+ wearing a grey suit. He had salt and pepper hair, which infact, suited him a lot. A cool watch and nice shoes. "Yes, thanks! Some vodka with lime juice and ice would do just fine" she said.

The National Leadership Institute was conducting a Leadership Development Program once a year. Nominations were invited from top MNCs and Banks. Participants belonged to the senior leadership teams and the objective of the training program was to enhance skills and share industry best practices. The 3-day program always ended with a cocktail party at a 5-star hotel. The party was almost midway. She looked around, some nibbled on starters, some had drinks in their hands. "Here. Would you like some starters", he asked handing over the drink to her. "No, I'm fine. Shall we sit here?", she asked. They both settled down on a table near the wall. The view was great. A beautiful lake in front, and the street lights adorning the road.

The 3-day training program had made them quite comfortable with each other. During the training program, they were put in the same team to present their point of view. They shared the same working table, drew, colored, and discussed points. They chatted for a long time over the drink, finished their dinner and then it was time to leave. They exchanged numbers and said they'll stay in touch.

Back in Chennai the next morning, she had thought the 3-day training would be a nice break from the hectic and monotonous lifestyle she led. However, the training turned out more strenuous with very little sleep. The bed in the hotel was too stiff, she thought
. "Ma, you are back! I'm so happy to see you. I missed you...Muah!" said her 5 year old son. "I missed you too" she said, giving him a tight hug and a big kiss on the forehead.

Life was the same. Office-meetings-home-homework. This was her life for the last 5 years. She was a 35+ single mom, managing finances and responsibilities alone. After her divorce, she didn't want to be a burden on her parents. Though they helped her through her pregnancy, and contributed significantly in bringing up her child, she was very clear that she wanted to be financially independent. Divorce had left her lost and confused about what she wanted in life. She was emotionally turmoiled. She lost confidence in herself and her abilities. She had very few friends and she always avoided getting emotionally involved with anyone. It was her parents and some good friends, who gave her immense strength and saw her through those difficult moments.

The phone beeped aloud "New text message received". She checked her inbox to find a message from him, "I'm in your city, can we meet today at 7 pm?" She quickly gathered her thoughts and replied back "Yes".

One meeting after the other, they came close. She gave in to her resistance for him. She had fallen for him. He too had fallen for her. It was very difficult to come out of her insecurities of a broken marriage, but she dared it. She seemed happy and confident. Everything around seemed fresh and alluring. She was getting dragged into his mesmeric personality. She longed for him. His thoughts gave her hope and a feeling she couldn't really understand. She dreamt of him and a future together. Their conversations moved from text messages to late night phone calls. Deep inside she was scared, will her heart break once more? Something inside her was not willing to go all out and make him hers. Everytime she wanted to break free, the thought of her son stopped her.

One day, he popped the question to her. She was startled. She went numb. She couldn't believe her ears. Really? she thought to herself. They discussed at great length of how they could make things work out especially with her son. It almost felt like a dream. Everything was going her way. The stage was set and the date was fixed.

A week before the wedding, she went to his house where his parents lived. They were warm and friendly and had accepted her with her child. The relatives seemed a little pokey. She ignored their glares and remarks hoping that its just a matter of time. One close relative said aloud, "She is a divorcee, she has a kid, she is a socializer, maybe thats why her husband left her. Maybe she doesn't have the character thats expected from an Indian bride". She was appalled by the statement. She looked at him. He looked away. She went up to him and looked straight into his eyes. He looked away. She understood. He didn't have the guts to stand up for what was right. He was just another man who didn't have the balls to shut up people for his girl. He too gave in to the pressure. He was 45+ and still unmarried, did she question that?

Something within her snapped. Her heart broke. Everything came crashing down. It was all over.

She walked out.

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  1. beautiful writing and i loved every bit of it!! :)

    im feeling really uncanny here.. your n my thoughts are pretty synchronized and its an eerie feeling! :)


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