12 Minutes

She opened her eyes and saw Ma standing near the door talking to a few people. There was a lot of crowd. She saw some familiar faces, and some unfamiliar ones. She started feeling a kind of ecstasy inside her. She knew she had just 12 minutes with her. Her brain was going through a sudden transformation inducing memory flashes. She felt like she was in a dreamland reliving old memories.
It was my 12th birthday that day. I wore the red polka dotted dress that mom bought for me. I got ready, waiting for my friends to turn up for the party. The dining table was set and my father was going to bring the cake on his way back home. It was 6.30 pm and my friends started coming in. All looking pretty and colorful. Mom had planned for some games and everybody got involved and lost count of time. It was 8.30 pm and dad still didn't turn up. Mom kept on trying on his cellphone, but there was no response. The door bell rang, and mom rushed to open the door. I was shocked to see the police, and a little later I heard mom screaming and crying aloud. I couldn't understand why, but later realized that Baba met with a tragic road accident and died on the spot. I stood there clueless.
Her fathers face stood in front of her eyes. She cried and said, "I miss you Baba". Her eyes were closing. She felt drained out. She looked around the room and saw Piu standing in the corner and crying. With her hands she asked Piu to come sit next to her. She looked at Piu and smiled, hiding her pain.
Piu and me have been friends for 20 years. Time just flies. I remember the first day in KG-I, I sat next to Piu and ever since, we've always been together in times of highs and lows. She is such a strong girl, slightly plump, but very pretty. Her curly hair is her best feature, don't know why she wants to straighten them. She handled her breakup with Arindam so well. I'm proud to have friend like her.
Her head was hurting. She closed
her eyes for a moment.
Ma, will be not be able to bear all this. I was the only one that she lived for. Ma has been my inspiration all through my growing years. How will she manage everything? No she will, she is so strong. I wish I could become like her one day. I'll miss mom's food though, she is a wonderful cook. She has so much patience and eye for detail for everything.
She saw her mother's beautiful face and tears rolled down her eyes. She wanted to capture her face in her heart forever.

I should not have gone to the bank today. I had no clue what was in store for me. All I wanted to do was withdraw some money. I don't know from where that guy came. I thought he just wanted my money, but he was actually running away from the police. He caught me by the neck and pointed a sharp knife on my throat. He said he won't harm me if I cooperated with him. I did. I told the police to let him go. They didn't listen. They started coming towards us. I told the guy, to run away. He said he won't because the police will shoot him. I begged the police to let him go, they didn't listen. They said they would make sure nothing happened to me. I thought they really would. But the guy slit my throat. I didn't realize what happened until I saw a stream of blood flowing down my dress. I collapsed. I don't know what happened after that.
She lay on the bed with her body tilted to the left. She started feeling a sudden loss of sensation in her body. She felt like she was slowly falling into a black hole. Ma was sitting next to her. "How you feeling Shompa?". Shompa just nodded her head with a brave smile.

She gazed at her mother. A part of her wanted to get up and hug her. She tried too, but she felt very weak. She wanted to say so many things she had never said. She wanted to thank her for all that she had done to bring her up. She took Piu's hand and kept in on her mother's hand and pressed it hard with all her strength. Piu will always be there for Ma.

She felt a little dizzy. Her eyes felt very tired as though she hadn't slept for days. Darkness started surrounding her. She felt like she was leaving her body and moving into a peaceful world. She heard her mother crying and she couldn't bear it.

Her mom's cries became fainter and fainter until all she could hear was silence.

Shompa moved on!

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