Live Without An Apology

A beautifully written article on how to live life without feeling apologetic about anything and everything that you do or have done in the past. We always end up being too critical about ourselves and keep on monitoring our way of living and behaviour. We try to please people just to earn those extra brownie points with them. We keep looking for approval from others all the it ok if I call you at so and so time??? Is this dress looking good on me?? Why would you want to check if you could call at a particular time? If making that call was important, you would call anyways, won't you??

We are constantly fighting a battle within "what if I'm not accepted by others". We are always trying to fit ourselves into the society and we are ready to make compromises to improve our self worth and self image in front of others. Our check points of whether we are good or bad seems to be lying in how people perceive us.

I believe awareness is the first step to change. You can read the entire article here.

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