Friends For Life

Between July and December of 2010, I've had a rollercoaster ride with friends. Earlier last year, I fell out with a friend. I dont want to talk about it because there is nothing left to talk.

But here's the interesting part.

Sometime in August I got a call from "M" a school friend of mine. I was shocked. We spoke to after 16 years. He was in Bangalore for a few days and we decided to catch up. We met up in a coffee shop and I reached a little early. But from far, I saw him walking towards me, and nothing had changed! NOTHING! We shook hands and settled down for a nice converstation. We started from where we left. We last saw each other when we passed out our 10th Std exams. I heard him out, he heard me out. Twists, turns, highs, lows, we shared it all. No judgements about who we had become, status, money, fame, knowledge, mattered!!!

In October, during my visit to Nagpur, I got a call from someone. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place him. And then he laughed and I laughed and we kept laughing, because that was my friend "G". Oh God! I thought I'd never see him. I left all the work in hand to meet him as we were meeting after 8 long years. And when I saw him, nothing had changed! NOTHING! We spoke, we ate, we laughed, we cried a bit, but we were so happy to see each other. "G" had done very well for himself, but not once did he make me realize that. He was the same old friend, who didn't even have a bicycle in school and we both used to walk back home to give each other company!!!

In December, an old collegue from Amex "R" replied back to the several emails I had written to her earlier. I was so happy. She accused me of having absconded and I accused her the same. We spoke to each other after 6 years. And we picked up the converstation from where we had left and nothing had changed! NOTHING! Something very nice she said which shall always remain with me.."You are one person who I think is definitely worth keeping in touch". That moment, I felt, I had made a difference in her life for her to say something like that. I felt good after a very long time!!!

In late December, "M" passed on my number to "RRD" and she happened to call me while I was at work. In the midst of a very important email I was typing, the lady on the other end said, "Guess, Guess". The voice sounded so familiar and finally I figured
out it was "RRD". A cute little thing that she always was..full of life, enthusiam, positivity, 16 years later, nothing had changed! NOTHING! She spoke about her life, marraige, motherhood and it didnt seem like we were not in touch for 16 years!!!

Friends are such an integral part of our lives. We spend so much time and the attachement is so strong. I thought I had a strong memory, but all these friends remember much more than I do. They all told me of instances where I made a difference to them, which I had forgotten. Point here is, I was important to them and hence, they remember everything about me, the same way that I remember everything about them...

We have all grownup to be different individuals and have acheived at lot in whatever we have done. Yet, in our own way, we have never forgotten what we have done for each other.

Relationships are based on solid foundations of trust, compassion, and humanity. And when these integral bricks are missing, they definetly break down. The broken friendship taught me a lot. I wont blame it on destiny but certainly say there was a divine intervention to tell me that even if one didn't care enough for me, I have many who genuinely do!!!

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