Trust In Your Third Eye

Trust is an inner eye. Just as the two outer eyes are for seeing the universe, there is a third eye inside of you whose name is trust. With this eye of trust the divine is seen. The eye of trust means the eye of love. There are some things which only love can know. There is no other way to know them.

If you love someone you will see certain things in the person that no one else will see. You will see in that person a sweetness that no one else can see. That sweetness is delicate and the touch of love is needed for it, only then is it revealed. You will hear the echo of a song in that person that no one else will hear. To hear it one has to come closer than anyone else has come. Only you are that close.

This is why beauty begins to manifest in the person whom you love. The one you fall in love with begins to be beautiful – all of life’s grandeur, all of its dignity is revealed in the person. And it is not that you are imagining it.

As soon as the eye of love opens the invisible begins to be visible to you, the unperceivable begins to be perceivable. The presence of what is hidden begins to be experienced.

"Finding upon waking the doors yet bolted, Who knows by which door he enters and leaves.”

This is a very lovely couplet from Bihari. The beloved is sleeping with all the doors and windows of the room bolted, yet in her dreams her lover visits her. Later she wakes up and sees that the doors are still closed with the bolts in place, just as they were. Who knows how he enters and by which route he leaves?

“Which way do you enter, which way do you depart? From which window do you peep?” This window is called trust.

Someone living in logic will never know anything deeper than the material; his life will be meaningless. He may well collect money, but all his wealth will be left lying there when he dies and he will have missed meditation. And it is only meditation that will accompany you in death. Such a person will not attain the ultimate wealth. Only the one who has the eye of trust within attains the ultimate wealth.

Trust is the culmination of love. Trust is the faith that what has not already happened so far will happen. Trust also arises from what has already happened: there is such beauty in this universe, there is such light, such music…the throat of each bird is filled with song… There is beauty in each leaf, light in each star; this universe is so full of magnificence, there must be some energy or other behind it.

Trust means trusting that there must be some energy creating all this colour. Trust means trusting that where so much beauty is being showered, the source of such beauty must also exist. Trust means accepting the existence of the source from which you receive these subtle, delicate indications.

Excerpt from Die O Yogi Die. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation,

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