If I Had A Wish...

And a genie to my disposal..I wish you would be mine!!!
If I had you, all of you, ONLY to me.. what more would I want!!
If all that I want is YOU.. ONLY YOU.. what stops me from going all out and get you..
YOU.. the reason is you!!
Quit!! an easy word to say and write...but can I take a brush and paint it all white?
The colors.. black and blue
the color of pain and hurt
that makes me remember you..
Love is a noise
that clogs my head, my heart, my being
Time I danced to a different beat..
But who would give me the cue..
telling me the time is right
...when all I hear still is you..

This is a beautiful poem, a very close friend of mine wrote. I just loved it the moment I read it. It is a beautiful summary of her feelings. I hope she writes a nice book of poems one day!

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