Children's Day Celebrated...

Hectic weekend went by..and I finally get a moment or two to myself. As Children's Day was being celebrated across the country, the color, happiness, and smiles on the faces of all the little ones brightened every nook and corner.

My son went for a school picnic on Friday to Dharamshi Resorts, Bangalore. He thoroughly enjoyed the swimming pool and toy train ride. The trip left him completely tanned and exhausted..but he looked absolutely refreshed and happy!!!

On Saturday we celebrated Children's Day in our apartment. There are around 50 children who stay in our apartment (which I had no clue!!!) and the organizing committee had planned for loads of fun.

To start off with there was a Fancy Dress competition for all the children below five years. Aryan was dressed up as a pirate and he was super excited about his sword :)))

There were other games such as Potato Race, Lemon and Spoon Race, Threading the needle, etc and all the kids had loads of fun. The parents also had a good time and it was so nice to see all the children laughing and screaming with joy.

I had made Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcakes and Chocolate-Walnut cookies for all the children.

They were super excited to see the cupcakes and jumped with joy!!!

Here's wishing all the Children and their parents a very happy Children's Day!!!

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  1. cupcakes look awesome...and my compliments on the cookies... they look just like the ones in the recipe book picture

  2. Sachith: Thanks...

    Aru: Could have take a better picture but had to rush...

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