Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009!!!

I miss my friend whom I bid adieu yesterday..who was with me for a whole year..2008 was a year of great learning..Lots of changes in my personal life..I quit my job after working for 9 long years, a big & difficult decision for me, but I took the plunge...We shifted to Bangalore from Hyderabad where we stayed for 5 long years...again a difficult decision..Change is always difficult..isn't it? The year also saw me starting this food blog..which then became my friend and companion..where I spend a lot of time these days!!! Health was a concern for me in 2008..but overall I would sum up 2008 as a bittersweet experience :-)

As I stand on the first day of 2009...A beautiful, bright and sunny morning...and take a deep breath of fresh air..I hope of a new learnings..happiness and prosperity...for my family as well as yours.

I wish all my real world friends and virtual world friends a great and wonderful 2009!!!

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  2. Wish you and your Family Happy new Year,Hope to see more Interesting recipes :)

  3. Yeah the change is difficult to accept and bear,but then all's well that ends well...isn't it ?
    Have a Warm,peaceful and friends full Happy new year

  4. Wish You a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

  5. Wish you and your family a Happy and Wonderful 2009 :-)

  6. jayashree Happy New Year to you too!
    one question.. tumi bangla jano ki kore? jsut curious... don't have to answer if u do not want to...


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