Shahi Garam Masala

I've been thinking of posting this recipe for sometime now..It was tucked in the "drafts" section. Honestly, it was under analysis. I wanted to be perfectly sure of the taste..and today, I finally decided to complete the post!!!

Just a little story behind the Shahi Garam Masala...I was tired of using Everest Garam Masala, which we've been using for quite some years now. I switched over to Priya, MTR, something something...but it didnt quite appeal. My grandmom used to make garam masala at home when I was a kid. I remember helping her sift the powder after she would powder it in the mixer. The aroma would linger in the house for atleast a day or two..

I took the recipe from grandmom but was not satisfied with the ingredients. They were too less, plus I wanted something exotic to add to the gravies. Mom suggested I look up on the internet or the cover of the Everest Masala packet. Did that..wasn't satisfied. I decided to experiment with the flavours...I know I can really be paranoid sometimes!!!

I wrote down all the khada masalas (whole spices) I knew. A visit to the supermarket, and got all the ingredients home. I bought little quantities for the experiment. Next, opened every packet and smelled each ingredient and made my observation. Based on that I decided, how much of each ingredient should be added. Dry roasted them individually, powdered them in the mixer, and by then I was absolutely impatient to use it :-)

A series of tasting and observation sessions followed, comments from hubby were invited everytime food was served, long conversations with mom about how it should taste, analysing flavors in restaurant foods to rate my masala against there's. And finally, after about a month's hard work and analysis, I present to Shahi Garam Masala

Ingredients: Makes 500 gms approx.

250 gms coriander seeds,
100 gms cumin seeds,
50 gms pepper,
20 gms green cardamom,
20 gms clove,
20 gms cinnamon,
10 gms bay leaves,
10 gms fennel seeds,
10 gms black cardamom,
5 gms star anise,
5 gms mace (javitri),
1 whole nutmeg


1.) Dry roast each item individually. Roasting heightens the flavors of the spices.
2.) Allow them to cool down completely.
3.) Put all the spices together in the grinder and powder them finely.
4.) Sift the powder to get a superfine texture.
5.) Store in an air tight container to retain the flavors.

I've invented this version of garam masala as per our tastes and eating patterns. Its always good to try in little quantities to check if it suits your pallets.

Sneek Peek:

I feel proud for the heroic deed of experimenting with spicies..I'm happy that it came out as I wanted...

I love the beautiful blend of all the spices..Each ingredient has its importance and flavor...its exotic!!!

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  1. I make mine at home too. After the home made ones, the store bought tastes like sawdust. Pretty pic in that matka.

  2. Wow!! home made shahi garam masala.... the aromas must have been awesome!! its fabulous for you to have tried and tested and tweaked it before posting!! i dont use much of i neither buy nor make it... i am tempted to try now... but maybe in a smaller quantity....

  3. That's a lot of effort put into getting the perfect blend.
    There's something special about home-made masalas.

  4. This must smell absolutely wonderful! The pictures are beautiful.
    Please stop by my blog for a well deserved award.

  5. You are a hero indeed:) I too make my own masala - I do not like shop bought as I always miss the instant aroma of homemade ones!

  6. I really missed you when i made these. Rezepte


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