Our Little One Turns Four....Happy Birthday

My little baby turns 4 today..My world, my darling..suddenly looks so grown up to me..Just sometime back he entered our world..and today he stands tall, talks like a mature man, knows what he wants, and does exactly what he wants to do..

He's brought us so much of joy, a reason to smile, a reason to look forward to the new tomorrow. Everyday, in the last 4 years, has been a learning curve, for him as well as for us, as parents. His world is full of fun, love, toys, bikes, cars, chocolates, going out, parks, slides, computer games, masti, lots and lots of questions, and lots of naughtiness..He's brought out the child in us and given us a reason to have fun.

We intend to celebrate this day with as much fun as possible. Recipes will follow in a couple of days.

We wish Aryan a very Happy Birthday with lots of blessings and good wishes for a bright and prosperous future!!!

Lots of Love..Mummy & Daddy & All family members...

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little one. Really birthday are joyful time, but for me it always brings in a sad note, that they are growing up & sooooo fast.

  2. Happy Birthday Aryan!! i tried calling .... :( ... waiting for the pics and to know the whole story of the party! god bless...!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little one.Wishing him all the best. !!

  4. Happy Birthday to your lil one!

  5. Happy Birthday to the grown up Boy...Hope he enjoys the day to his heart content and i wish him loads of health,happiness,more games,more naughtiness,more fun :-)


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