Lentil Flapjack - Adai

I’ve been eating Adai’s for almost as old as I am. Its pretty much synonymous to dosa or idli which is a common delicacy in South India. There are many ways to prepare Adai and every recipe is tasty and unique. This dish is a wholesome breakfast dish which is full of proteins. A must need for those early morning rushes!!! I love this for the fact that it can be consumed instantly. All you need to do is to soak the lentils overnight.


2 cups rice,
1 cup urad dal,
½ cup tuar dal,
¼ cup chana dal,
1 inch size whole asafoetida,
3-4 whole red chillies,
5-6 curry leaves,
Salt as per taste

1.) Soak the rice and lentils for approximately 7-8 hrs.
2.) In a separate bowl soak the asafoetida and red chillies in half a cup of water.
3.) Grind all the ingredients in a grinder to form a paste. It should be mildly granular in consistency. Add salt to taste.
4.) Chop curry leaves, and add to the paste.
5.) In a non stick tawa, put a ladle full of batter and spread it like pancake.
6.) Serve it hot with jaggery, homemade butter, and spiced tomato chutney.

Sneek Peek:

I've used homemade butter which we made yesterday...Trust me..it just tastes amazing!!!

The spicy tomato chutney is my MIL's speciality. Its very similar to Arundati's recipe and I've made it a couple of times myself..but both me and my hubby agree that she makes it best..Thanks Amma!!!

My mom always has Adai with jaggery and though I could not get a logical answer from her other than.."thats how we've been eating Adai life long" I love the touch of sweetness against the salty-spicy Adai..:)

I'm sending this to Malar and Vani...Please join me in enjoying this mouth-watering delicacy...I hope you enjoy it!!!

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  1. Wow really a sinful indulgence. I just had breakfst and pics making me hungry all over again...

  2. your blog ate my comment!! :( ... the pics are sooper as usual.... at k's too they have it with white butter and vellam....

  3. Hi jayashree, Adai vellam &tomato chutney looks amazing...n yum. Adai vellam is my hubby's favorite:)


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